Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stand up for press freedom

Please stand up for press freedom and for American citizens abroad. Please make a public statement calling for the release of journalist Jared Malsin, a US citizen and Yale graduate. Malsin is chief English news editor at the excellent news agency, Ma'an News.

It is essential that Americans, who give Israel $7 million per day, be accurately informed on Israel-Palestine. If Ma'an's ability to report the news is diminished through the incarceration and expulsion of its editors and the intimidation of its staff, our ability to learn the facts will be disastrously reduced.


Ma'an News is one of the best sources of news on Palestine available -- it is professional, thorough, and provides accurate context. It is a far better source on the Palestinian Territories than Ha'aretz.

Now It appears that Israel is attempting to diminish Ma'an's effectiveness and intimidate its journalists. It has just seized Ma'an's Chief English News Editor, Jared Maslin, a Yale graduate and US citizen, and interrogated him for 8 hours. Even though Israel has filed no charges against him whatsoever, Malsin is still incarcerated and slated for imminent expulsion.

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